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Coda OCC Copper cables

Coda CCC – Continuos Cast Copper cables

Art Audio’s Coda OCC cables utilise high purity OCC copper, which in our opinion is simply the best material for a copper cable.  The problem with most copper cables, even those made from allegedly high purity copper is that it still has many boundaries between its metal crystals and may still contain many impuities. OCC is short for Ohno Continuous Cast, this casting process was developed in 1986 by professor Ohno of Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. This technology uses a heated mold for continuous casting, which results in the production of small rods of OCC ultra pure copper.  These rods are then drawn and can have copper grains of over 700 ft length, which results in fewer grain boundaries in the cable for better signal transmission. This compares with standard oxygen free copper (OFC), which can have as many as 400 crystals per foot.   Like all our products, our cables are hand made in the U.K., they use high quality gold plated RCA phono plugs and they can be custom made to suit your system.