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What exactly do we mean by “Silver Reference”?

7008078_sWe call our ultimate products “Master Class Silver Reference” and what exactly is that and why?  For centuries, the noble metal, silver, chemical sign Ag, has been sought after and valued at first as adornment, then for currency and trade and much later, it was realised that silver is an important “technical” metal for many reasons.  Firstly, it is the most conductive metal known, providing the lowest resistance to electricity known.

Even more importantly for use in audio, 5N or 99.999% pure copper is extremely linear at audio frequencies and unlike lesser purities of harmony silver refsilver and silver plated copper it does not introduce unnatural tonality to the signal.  With our “Master Class Silver Reference” series such as our Ag cables and the Silver Harmony Amplifier, all the signal carrying wires are pure 5N silver enabling these products to produce an almost ethereal purity of sound.  We also offer a “Silver Reference” service on all of our amplifiers, phono stages and pre amps.  These can either be purchased as Silver Reference models as new or returned to our workshops for “Master Class” Silver Reference conversion.

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