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Composer Duo Turntable

Composer Duo 1821The composer Duo came about after much discussion with owners and potential owners of the original Composer Solo and Clarity ’09.  It was felt that later turntables would benefit from the addition of a capability to have a second arm, for instance for the use of either a budget cartridge for records of a lesser quality while keeping one’s premier cartridge for the best vinyl. Or like the the case of one customer we know, who has a genuine mono cartridge for getting the best possible result from original mono recordingsScreen Shot 2015-10-24 at 20.14.46

Either way the Duo builds on the starting point laid down by our Composer – Solo.  When first released the Duo, in it’s guise as the Clarity Dual, received high accolades and good reviews. The superlative quality of the engineering is appreciated by all who come into contact with it.  The deck received the Hi-Fi Choice editors award and Jimmy Hughes, reviewing it for the magazine said,  “It makes you fall in love with vinyl all over again, compelling you to go through your collection”.


The plinths of the Composer turntables are machined from a solid billet of aerospace grade aluminium

The engineering quality of all our decks is second to none, made as they are by a world renowned aerospace and medical engineering firm you would exception less.  Other precision engineering firms such as SME and Avid have also brought this expertise to the audio world so we are in good company.  The arm mounts can be removed, this lets the user choose arm type and arm length, with extended mounts for 12″ arms available.

The basic Composer – Duo takes all our upgrades and is fully part of our modular development path for these players. feel free to contact us to discuss how we can configure the right tuntable for your needs.


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