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Turntable upgrades


The journey starts here with the basic Composer

We have a commitment to provide the best for or customers, not just with the amplification for which we have a well deserved world wide reputation, but now also with vinyl reproduction.  As part of our steady path of product improvement and after talking with and listening to our customers we have produce a number of upgrades for the Composer Solo, Duo and earlier turntables from Claro and some that were sold under the Lumley brand.  That means all the owners of these fine turntables can benefit from our development.  


Composer high mass strobe sub-platter


Composer Strobe Platter, this adds balanced mass to the already massive “Acetal” acrylic platter, it also adds another level of decoupling to the design.  This adds to both the rotational stability of the turntable and to the clarity of sound, especially beneficial in the area of stereo imaging as but isolating the disc even more, 



SME mount

SME Mount, this SME base mount is made of “Acetal” acrylic, which has great advantages as it’s a self damping material and used in this application aids audio reproduction by absorbing spurious mechanical energy that can emanate from cartridges, especially low compliance moving coil types.  The mount also allows side entry for cables that need a 90 degree angle. It also provides the extra height needed when using the high mass sub-platter. This mount can be supplied to special order for most arms



Composer Solo with Phase 2 Power supply SME mount and high mass sub-platter



Phase 1 AC Power Supply 33 1/3 and 45 rpm.  Phase 2 AC Power Supply 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. These power supplies provide a clean fully regenerative powers source for the Composer turntables.  This contributes to speed stability reducing wow and flutter even further, which in turn provides a stable stereo image, enhancing the listeners enjoyment of the music.




Green Edge Acrylic Turntable Cover and Base Board, These components are a must, if you want to keep your Composer turntable at it’s optimum, by keeping off dust and protecting the unit from any prying fingers that may be about. Its also a highly stylish addition that looks good as part of a high end set up.


Art Audio Composer Solo, fully loaded. Looks and sounds great and these upgrades can be applied to the Solo and the Duo models.