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$_35There are many types of amplifier in the world, the main two types are Solid State, (that’s transistor or silicon chip types) or valves often called, if you come from the other side of the pond vacuum tubes, These are thought by many audiophiles and music lovers to be t71R-v2iluQL-1._SL1500_he best way to listen to music.  It will come as no surprise that we agree whole heartedly.  In fact, we feel that the whole amplification chain benefits from the use of these, amazing “Hot Bottles”.

But even amongst valve amp aficionados, there is debate as to which type is best, there are push pull, or Single Ended Triode designs and the list of valves types, each with their own characteristic sound is endless.  We stick to a list of tried, tested and trusted valves, ones we know give great results in terms of dynamics, detail and presentation of music. But, we combine them in very many ways, and we make all types of topologies, with a few design specialities of or own.  Combining these elements to get the best sound is “The Art of Audio”.

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