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Integra  211 Single ended line level integrated

Art Audio Integra 211 Click image for full size view.

We set about designing our first Integra integrated amp many years ago.  At the time we wanted to make an amplifier that didn’t compromise sound quality due to being a one box set up rather than our normal pre/power amp designs.  This version of the Integra uses 211 valves and continues that “no compromise” philosophy. In fact, the 211 was originally designed for radio transmitters and has excellent linearity. This means in an audio amplifier, at the lower frequencies  involved, it can can have very low feedback (6dB) leading to low distortion, and a very musical sound.

in fact the sound quality of the 211 is noted for many positive aspects.  The tonality, pace, rhythm, timing, bass, dynamics and soundstage are often said to feel so real, you feel like you are in the room with the band. One fan said “They have that ‘you are there’ live quality to their sound”.

The Art Audio Integra 211 uses these valves combined with the very best components for the job and a high quality chassis combining great sound with great looks. Due to the use of our electronic biasing system, they are truly plug and play devices, enabling the user to always get the best, most musical sound from the unit



Power:                                                            18 Watts                   

Type:                                                               Single End Triode

Frequency Response @1Watt                  25 Hz To 60 Khz + – 0.5 Db

FrequencyResponse @Full Power          35 Hz To 30 Khz + – 1.5 Db

Input Sensitivity                                         550 Mv

Input Impedance                                        120 KΩ                         

Output Impedance                                     4/8 Ω

Noise At Speaker Terminals                     Typically 1.5 mV.

Feedback                                                       6 Db

Biasing:                                                         Automatic Electronic

Construction                                                Hybrid PCB/ Hard Wire

Components:                                               Low ESR Resistors 1% Metal Oxide, 

Capacitors                                                    Low Inductance Coupling Caps MKP

Transformers                                              Split Bobbin Multi Section 

Rectifier                                                        Solid State, 2 Stage Choke Filters

Drivers                                                         6922 And 12 BH7

Heaters                                                        Solid State DC

Set Up:

No set up required “Plug And Play”

No matching required on power valves

Matching required on drivers