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Velocé Monoblocs

The Velocé monoblocs are in effect a progression from our highly acclaimed Tempo Monos first made in the 1990s. The EL34 has long been regarded by many, as one of the finest audio valves ever made with a number valve makers bringing out versions and a huge number of amp designers swearing by them.

Each of the Velocé chassis uses a matched quartet of these EL34s which although it is a pentode, we configure in pure class A triode mode for purity of sound. This gives 30 watts per monobloc. A further innovation is the use of our proprietary toroidal mains transformer and custom capacitors.

The Velocé Monos are highly stripped down in design with every component pick for maximum audio quality with “No Frills” this enables us to produce truly esoteric levels of sound quality, with an astronomical price tag. They take their place in the Art Audio “Push-Pull” family.