Hi Fi Shows 2015/16

A packed room for Art Audio ant there NAS 2015

A packed room for Art Audio at there NAS 2015

As the 2015 HiFi show season has come to and end and after we celebrate a really good National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall, we are now looking forward to 2016.  At this years NAS we used one of our legacy Quintet amplifiers, which uses EL34s in triode mode. This was being driven by PS Audio digital sources and our “Composer Duo” turntable, via our Vinyl One phonostage.  The Quintet has now been upgraded to the “Opus 2” using our tried and trusted circuit and valve combination in a more advanced chassis.  The front end and amp chain were driving a pair of 15″ Tannoy Monitor Golds in classic GRF horn cabinets.  For many the combination of Vinyl, Valves and Tannoys was irresistible as the room was mostly packed, with many visitors staying a long time, asking questions and discussing the fine points of the sound.


We look forward to bigger and better displays in 2016, and will post more information about our show attendance as soon as possible.

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