New for 2021 – The Diavolo MK2-T

Although the world has been a very different place for 2020, at Art Audio we have continued to make and ship our products around the world. We have also continued to develop our range, because as good as they are, we always seek to improve. Our critically acclaimed Diavolo SET has for many years set the standard against which other 300b SETs have been measured, but good as it was, Tom Willis the owner and designer of Art Audio, felt it could be improved. With research started during the development of our Veloce Monoblocs, Tom found a way to improve the performance of the mains transformer, by using a toroidal device. This led to cosmetic redesign, to take advantage of the lower height and better separation. Due to this and use of a new core material, noise performance has been improved considerably. Available to order from January 2021. For more information on the Diavolo MK2-T Click HERE

The Art Audio Diavolo MK2 T

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